Welcome to my blog! I’m Darrell Z. Grizzle, a horror and crime fiction writer in shadow-haunted Marietta, Georgia, where I live in a house-in-the-woods with two cats and way too many books. I’m a former parole officer, now working as a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice.

My publications include “The Bag in the Corner” (Shotgun Honey, May 2016), “The Last Confession” (Near To The Knuckle, February 2017), “The Lazaretto Ghost” (Mad Scientist Journal, Summer 2017), and the forthcoming “Under the Blood” (Skelos: The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy, Number 4).

The graveyard picture (the banner above) is by James R. Tuck, author and tattoo artist.

This blog will be more than an author page for me. It will also feature other Southern authors of both fiction and non-fiction, with guest bloggers, interviews, poetry, photo essays, and book reviews. Stay tuned!