Where I’ll Be at DragonCon 2019

I’ll be on three panels on the DragonCon Horror Track, and I’ll be reading one of my short stories at a late-night event, “Spooky Tales & Haunting Music.” If you’re going to DragonCon, check it out! And feel free to send me a friend code on the DragonCon app.

My DragonCon Schedule (tentative):

Friday 8/30, 1:00 pm Unearthly Visitations 
Horror Track, Westin, Peachtree 1-2
Intrusions of the unreal into our world is a hallmark of the horror genre. On this panel, authors will discuss how to effectively present these scenarios in order to elicit chills.
Gail Martin, Moderator. Tentative Panelists: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Anya Martin, Thomas Sniegoski, Tim Powers, Darrell Z. Grizzle.

Friday 8/30, 11:30 pm Spooky Tales & Haunting Music 
Urban Fantasy Track, Westin, Chastain 1-2
Our group of authors will each read a scary story or tell a creepy urban legend, and the time in between each presenter will be filled with atmospheric music by Victorian Chamber Metal virtuosos Valentine Wolfe.
Tentative Panelists: E.j. Stevens, David Boop, Valerie Hampton, Holly Sullivan McClure, Corinne O’Flynn, Valentine Wolfe, Darrell Z. Grizzle.

Sunday 9/1, 2:30 pm The Dark Magic of Folk Horror
Horror Track, Westin, Peachtree 1-2
From The Wicker Man to Midsommar, this influential yet elusive subgenre of horror continues to cast its spell upon us. Join us in a celebration of the terrors of the old celebrations, forgotten yet far from gone.
Moderator: Bill Mulligan. Tentative Panelists: Mari Mancusi, Christopher G. Moore, Blake Smith, Darrell Z. Grizzle.

Sunday 9/1, 4:00 pm V-Wars
Horror Track, Westin, Peachtree 1-2
Jonathan Maberry is joined by a roundtable of contributors to talk about the V-Wars universe. Moderator: Darrell Z. Grizzle. Tentative Panelists: Jonathan Maberry, Scott Sigler, Keith DeCandido, Bobby Nash.

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