Murder Cult! Now on Mastodon and Tumblr

Here’s a pic of Leonidas the Cat with my short story collection, “I Never Meant to Start a Murder Cult,” available on Kindle Unlimited and in paperback from Amazon. Graverobbers, vengeful ghosts, reluctant killers, dead bodies in trunks, and monstrous entities abound! Check it out! Perfect for holiday gift-giving!

Also, I now have author pages on Mastodon and Tumblr. I’m new to both sites. I followed Neil Gaiman, George Takei, and my friend and fellow writer Jessica Nettles to Mastodon, and so far I’m really loving it. Here’s an open invite to join Mastodon (if you join through this link, you’ll automatically follow me), or if you want to go directly to my page on Mastodon, here’s the direct link:

To join me on Tumblr, here’s the link:
My focus on Tumblr will be promoting other writers, as well as posting about my own writing, folk horror, Gothic literature, dark academia, queer academia, and mysticism.

See you on the interwebs!

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