Looking Ahead to 2020

2020 will be a year of transition for me as an author: from being a hobbyist short-story writer to becoming a novelist. I’ll be restructuring my daily schedule to make writing more of a part-time job, not just a hobby. I’ve already started work on the first of three novels I plan to write in 2020 and 2021. The first novel is a thriller/mystery about a sheriff in the North Georgia Mountains who suspects that a string of murders might be related to a crime he committed himself 15 years earlier. He struggles to find a serial killer while keeping his own secret hidden from his husband and the divided community that elected him sheriff.

That novel will be my focus in the year ahead, but I’ll also be doing more author readings and going, as usual, to my favorite conventions, Monsterama and DragonCon. I’ve already been approved as an Attending Professional for DragonCon in 2020.

Some of the short stories I’ve already written will be published in 2020:

  • “Squatch and Behr: Not a Love Story,” first in a series of light-hearted crime stories about two gay hit men, will be published in 2020 in Pink Triangle Rhapsody, an anthology of pulp fiction by gay authors (Lycan Valley Press).
  • “Under the Blood,” a graveyard horror story about two kids from a snake-handling church who take the Bible a little too literally, will be published in issue 4 of Skelos: The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy.
  • And more, to be announced when they become official! Keep an eye on my Facebook author page, my Twitter feed, and (especially if you like cats!) my Instagram page.

Darrell with Nosferatu at Monsterama 2019

Selfie with an old friend at Monsterama 2019