Writing Update, Spring 2023

The Atlanta-area premiere of Moonlight Sonata, with Scissors, the short film by Chris Ethridge based on my story, was awesome! The film was very well received, and the audience laughed at the right places and gasped in horror at the right places. You can read my original short story in my collection, I Never Meant to Start a Murder Cult. Chris made several changes in adapting the story to film, including making the main character female instead of male, but all changes were made with my approval and they all worked out well.

It was such an honor for the film to be screened at the Renegade Film Festival on March 4, 2023! The film is still making the rounds in the film festival circuit, with several screenings in other states still to come. Here’s a photo from the red carpet:

L-R: artist Lynne Hansen, authors Bridgett Nelson and Jeff Strand, me, filmmaker Chris Ethridge

Also, I’m honored to announce that I will be an Attending Professional at DragonCon 2023 (August 31 to September 4) and I’ll be an Author Guest at Multiverse 2023 (October 20-22), both in Atlanta!

I’ve also had several publications since my last update:

The Werewolf and the Vampire Priest, a flash fiction story in the anthology Clarity from Queer Sci Fi

Ghost Child of the Creek, a poem in the horror anthology Georgia Gothic

Squatch and Behr: Not a Love Story, a homoerotic crime fiction tale in Pink Triangle Rhapsody, an anthology of pulp fiction by gay writers (this was especially cool since I was on the same Table of Contents as David Gerrold, one of my literary heroes!)

Selfie in the courtyard of Cool Beans Coffee Roasters on Marietta Square, during the Renegade Film Festival, March 4, 2023. Behind me is the Kennesaw House, one of the most haunted buildings in all of Georgia.

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